We are creators, innovators, designers and leaders. Diversity breeds success, and from the word go our talented team is prepared to not only execute, but exceed expectations and deliver a game changing wow factor. So many worthy brands exist with the music still in them. It is our job - and we take it very seriously - to listen, hear the music and bring it out; and we’re not afraid to turn up the volume. We pride ourselves on separating our customers from the competition. In this cluttered media world we live in, now more than ever, distinction drives differentiation.

Regardless of medium, at Grafixx we have always thrived on not only leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovations to assure people can find you, but once they do, creating a multimedia based landing that is interactive, creative and engaging. Some might say stunning. We thrive on creating the runway for your brand to truly take flight. From our very first word on a printed page two decades ago to the responsive website and technologies that will usher in the new frontier, we make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

This is what we do at Grafixx.

It is who we are.


Unlike almost all of our competitors, we don't say "the work" comes first. Make no mistake, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of great creative, but what comes first at Grafixx is a thorough analysis of a client's industry, their business goals, their audience and that audience's behavior in today's world.


There are no lofty mantras written on our walls because we hire people to be themselves, not to become "one of us." The dedication to delivering big ideas for all our clients (even the small ones) and our commitment to giving back, whether through pro bono projects or volunteering in our community.  We bet you didn't see that one coming.

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